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Grounds are ready, bring on the first bounce...

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The one silver lining of 2020 was resting the Walsh oval and allowing the new Monk surface time to settle in without load. We are particularly grateful to Moonee Valley City Council (MVCC) for their support in the major project works on Monk in early 2019 and the ongoing maintenance of Walsh. Recently we met with MVCC representatives on the grounds to discuss the preparations and the ongoing maintenance of both ovals in season 2021 (the video below shows the sprinklers on Walsh are working perfectly). Monk will have some restrictions given it is still quite new but we can't wait to see footy played on the new deck - in round 2 on April 17 against Avondale Heights we have plans for our traditional President's Lunch (see our Events page for details) as well as some other activities to mark the first Senior Men's game on the new Monk surface.

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